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If you are looking for fun activities for home carryover or trying to set your home up for TeleHealth, check out some of our staff favorites on Amazon and ARK!  Items are broken down into categories, though some items could go in multiple categories.  So take a minute to look around!  Do you feel like we are missing something?  Let us know!

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Emerge Pediatric Therapy is an ARK Therapeutic Affiliate, and may earn a small percentage on qualifying purchases.

This page is always under construction as we find new tools, activities, and games. Please check back frequently as we continue to update!















              Z-Vibe Vibrating Oral Motor Tool

    Roller Tip (facial massage)

                         Soft Brush Tip

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While the word “diet” is often associated with unhappy connotations of duty or requirement, a sensory diet is quite different. A sensory diet is a specifically organized plan of tools and activities to include throughout your child’s day to support their participation...

Sensory Bins

Sensory bins ... What are they? Why do we use them for therapy?   Sensory bins are fun (and functional) therapy tools! They provide the opportunity to experience different textures during play and for some kids, it can help increase their tolerance of different...

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Language development can be both simple and incredibly complex.  Some children seem to be born talking.  Others seem to take their own sweet time.  It can be a challenge as a parent or caregiver to know when your child's language is okay and when to wait and see.  For...

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