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Child-Directed Interaction Therapy (CDIT) is a therapeutic technique derived from Parent-Child Interaction Therapy, and is used to increase positive behavior and parent-child relationships. During CDIT sessions, parents receive individualized coaching and in-the-moment feedback in order to master the skills of child-directed play.

Using the CDIT approach, the parent/caregiver is the main facilitator of play, while the therapist serves to coach parents/caregivers along the way. With the mastery of CDIT skills, and implementation of 5 minutes of special play time each day, parents can expect to see a drastic reduction in problem behaviors (i.e. yelling, hitting, refusal, arguing, etc.), improved relationship and connection with their child, and an increase in positive behaviors.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy

You may benefit from our CDIT program if…

  • Your child exhibits disruptive, or problematic behaviors
  • You have difficulty getting your child to follow directions
  • You’re having difficulty playing with your child
  • You’d like to build your relationship and bond with your child
  • You want to support your child in participating in positive behaviors

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