Nicolette Dominguez

Intake Coordinator

Part of the Emerge Family since 2022

Nicolette is a hearing impaired New York native looking to provide visibility and representation for the deaf community. She recently graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Psychology and a focus on Latino Studies at Hunter College. She will be returning to school this year to pursue a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Throughout her Bachelor’s education, Nicolette’s research included investigating the relationship between multilingualism and IQ score, among other projects. During her college and post graduate years, she has held several jobs in the medical field which have given her first hand experience in dealing with epileptic and autistic patients, as well as a social work internship that focused on Latino mental health. Her future research interests include the impact oppression and trauma has on the brain. Nicolette is excited to join Emerge as an Intake Coordinator and further her experience in the mental health community. In her free time she enjoys writing short stories, painting, reading and singing!