Community PresentationsEmerge Pediatric Therapy welcomes prospective therapy students to volunteer with group and individual therapy sessions, as well as with our community events. As a teaching clinic, we use state of the art equipment, evidenced based practice, highly trained clinical therapists, and a well developed program to provide quality observation experiences that enrich the volunteer positions.  Volunteering can be beneficial to the prospective student’s experience, prior to applying to and entering a graduate program.

Goals of the Volunteer Programs:


The Emerge Pediatric Therapy Volunteer Programs are designed to:

  • Provide opportunities for observation of individual and/or group therapy sessions to the prospective graduate student.
  • Train prospective therapy students as volunteers through an application, interview, and orientation process.
  • Provide opportunities for trained volunteers to assist with setup and cleanup of therapy sessions.
  • Provide opportunities for trained volunteers to assist with non-therapeutic tasks while under direct supervision of the licensed therapist.


Two Ways to Volunteer:

Group Volunteering:
As a group volunteer, a student must agree to a weekly commitment. The group volunteer is vital to the smooth running of our social skill group therapy sessions. The student completes an application and completes a mandatory interview and orientation process. He or she will assist with set-up and clean up and observe the group therapy session. The number of volunteer positions are limited each season and are dependent on the number of groups the clinic is running.

We have currently filled all group volunteer positions for Fall of 2021, but we encourage you to fill out the database application to stay up-to-date on all upcoming volunteer opportunities!

Volunteer Database:
Applying to be in the volunteer database allows a prospective therapy student, who cannot make a weekly commitment to a group, the opportunity to volunteer during community events.  The student completes an application and completes a mandatory interview and orientation process, in a similar process to becoming a Group Volunteer.   If approved, the student will be placed in the database.  Prior to Community Events an email will go out to the volunteer database and positions for the event will be assigned based on responses.  Types of events volunteers might be needed include (but are not limited to) parent workshops, play-dates, and resource fairs.  Job responsibilities may include (but are not limited to) clean-up, set-up, providing on-site child care for parents attending workshops, helping run activities.  The number of volunteer positions will be limited.

If you are seeking hours for graduate school or are hoping for a letter of recommendation:

As a Volunteer at Emerge, you (the student), are responsible for bringing in an hours log in a timely manner for signature from our therapists.  Hour logs will not be signed by our therapists after one month of completion of volunteer experience.  Emerge Pediatric Therapy does not guarantee a letter of recommendation at the end of your time with us.  These letters are subject to the approval of the supervising therapist.  If you would like a letter written on your behalf, this must also be requested in a timely manner.  Requests made one month, or more, following the completion of your volunteer experience will not be acknowledged.  

Requirements of a Student Volunteer:

  • Please Fill out the Volunteer Application form.
  • Wait for an email from Laura Strenk to setup an initial observation/interview.
  • Complete mandatory volunteer observation/interview.
  • Complete necessary paperwork (confidentiality agreement, dress code agreement, and volunteer agreement) prior to beginning volunteer hours.

*Please note that a student volunteer is classified as a prospective therapy student earning observation hours, as well as, hands on experience with the setup, cleanup, and participation in non-therapeutic tasks, while under the direct supervision of the licensed therapist. Volunteers play a significant role in the success of our group therapy sessions, but may also have opportunities helping with individual therapy sessions, upon request.

Volunteer Dress Code Policy

When visiting Emerge, please follow the following dress code requirements:

  • Khakis and chinos are acceptable pants. Please refrain from wearing jeans, exercise pants, leggings, shorts, dresses, or skirts.
  • Collared shirts or simple tops and blouses are acceptable. Please refrain from wearing low cut tops and graphic t-shirts.
  • Only minimal jewelry, if any, should be worn. Nothing that a child could potentially pull off of you.
  • Wear shoes that can slip on and off easily. Socks are optional.
  • Emerge is a scent/smoke free facility. Refrain from wearing perfume or scented lotions.
  • Dress comfortably, while adhering to the above requirements.