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Emerge is terrific. My ten year old daughter has received wonderful support there over the last year, as well as earlier in her childhood. The environment, massive play gym, and curriculum are fun, so my kid WANTS to go. She is upset with me if we are late! Our therapist has been thoughtful, supportive, informed and insightful; plus, she has developed a true relationship with my child that is nurturing, positive, and fun loving. I am so grateful such a resource is in our community.

It was baffling to us.  Our daughter was so friendly, so engaging and yet could not seem to get past “hi.”  She was intelligent but would not play with toys, seemed clingy and lost if an adult was not guiding her.  She loved school and yet could not learn the daily routine, even after an entire year in the same classroom.  Luckily, her teachers assessed her and provided us some explanations and encouraged us to have her evaluated. We had a few past evaluations to share with the therapists at Emerge when we first met and we were so impressed with how they seemed to know our daughter before they even met and observed her.  Following the initial evaluation, it was recommended that she receive speech and occupational therapy to address the deficits. Within just a few sessions we saw positive changes. After several it was like watching a miracle happen before our eyes! She was playing appropriately with toys. She was speaking in full sentences.  She was saying “Hi, what is your name?” and starting to have conversations. Pretend play is an everyday occurrence now and oh, the places we have gone…picnics, “outer space” and pirate adventures. Emerge is a very appropriate name for this organization because after one month of sessions our child is emerging into the world with so much more skill and mastery of life!  Thank you Emerge.


The entire staff at Emerge has treated us like family. We especially love Dan at the front desk, too! What a great person to greet you everyday and help you with all of the logistical stuff. In just two short months, we have been given a new and improved version of our son, which we didn’t think was possible! He’s trying new things, his overall behavior has improved, his physical abilities are starting to catch up to other kids his age, his speech and language skills have seen tremendous development, and he’s just acting like a kid… having fun, running around, trying his hand at conversations, engaging in more physical and pretend play, and so much more. Everything has just been amazing and we are so incredibly blessed to have walked through Emerge’s doors and begin our journey with them.


I am so grateful for a place like Emerge. The journey to this place of happiness and progress was a long one, but well worth it at best. My son, Kayden, started off a pretty normal kid with no delays that I was aware of. That was until he turned 2 and things became noticeably different. His speech dwindled down from 1 to 2 word combinations until maybe inconsistently a couple of words, along with a decline in motor skills and the regular development of a 2 year old. He showed very little eye contact, very often a lot of arm flapping, grinding teeth, was afraid to be around people and terrified of the restroom, and the list of things go on. After being referred by his pediatrician to my county’s speech and OT program, I was not noticing much of a change in my Kayden. That was until he was referred here, at Emerge. It is at this place that my son is loved and cared for by all. Occupational Therapist Ms. Jaclyn and Speech Therapist Ms. Anna are amazing women with extraordinary professional talents, knowledge and lots of patience. They are always open and honest with me about my sons progress and things that could affect and better him now and for his future. I often time feel that they go beyond there duty to assist me in answering questions, locating resources for me, encouraging my spirit and my heart because this journey is by far not easy. Their helpful attitudes, sweet dispositions, and warm smiles assure me that I’m not alone and that I picked the right place for Kayden to grow and progress.Their work speaks volumes. My son absolutely adores them, and my family and I are so blessed and humbled to have these two women working with us here at Emerge. My son was recently diagnosed with Autisum and some severe delays. These ladies sat down with me, worked out some goal settings for my Kayden and the results are astounding. He’s now potty trained and not so afraid to use the restroom of both public and private. He loves being around people, the arm flapping very very minimal to none, and now great eye contact. These are just some of the great things that his therapist and Emerge encourage. My Kayden is a happy boy whose made some great, great improvements from last August 2015, until now  and I know that this will only continue to get better and better!!!!!

Signed Immensely Grateful
Kayden and Tarsha

Avery has been working with Katie for over one year. Since beginning treatment with Katie his regulation has improved greatly! She has a near perfect understanding of his sensory needs and responds to his needs quickly and appropriately. Most of all, he loves going to his weekly session with Her. Katie is knowledgeable, a good blend of kind and firm, flexible, and extremely helpful. Our family is so grateful for Katie and Emerge A Child’s Place!


This morning James was coloring a placemat for Thanksgiving. He had a spot to put something he was thankful for. He worked on it a while and then announced “I have only one thing I’m thankful for and it’s a place.” “Hmmm” I said, “Is it life and science? (No!) Is the Y pool? (No!) Is it Mrs. Laurie’s class? (No!) Is it Emerge? (YES!!!!)”He had me write the letters and told me he wanted to laminate it so he could look at it eery day. Thank you for being the face and heart and mind that embodies his favorite place. When you first saw James you said, “He is one of us.” Even now, those words bring tears to my eyes. As a parent wandering in the darkness of a child who was suffering with needs I couldn’t understand or meet, there is no better feeling than to know we’d found a place where he can belong. He is currently making a huge bubble volcano to give me a few minutes to write this email. I don’t know where we would be without you. Thank you Andrew. You’ve changed our lives.


Our son started at Emerge when he was 4 years old.  At that time, our biggest concern was emotional dysregulation which would erupt into meltdowns and fits.  We also hoped to see improvement in his gross and fine motor skills, and we sought guidance in helping him further build his social skills.  He is a sharp, funny, chatty, and creative guy and we never wanted anxiety, sensory overload, or motor difficulties to hold him back in life.  We were referred to Emerge by both personal and professional connections. The clincher was speaking to Dan on the phone because he gave us such a good description of what to expect for the initial evaluation.  We had no reservations at the time – we are an all-in type of family and were excited to add OT to our lives. Emerge has exceeded our expectations as a welcoming, warm, responsive, and special place that our son absolutely adores.  He is blossoming with the help of his therapists who have supported him in becoming more confident, physical, flexible, and social. We know now that the barriers we used to fear would hold him back are actually no match for his tenacity, spunk, and fortitude.  We are very proud of him and very grateful to Emerge staff for their unending commitment to our little man!I’m sitting in this gym again and I’m so full of hope and joy as I listen to the cadence therapist voices, full of acceptance, patience and respect, and all the kiddos joining in, feeling at ease, exploring so safely. 

You guys are off in a cave Mateo helped build and I was so much appreciating the ease in his body as he connects with you and does his work. This place and all of you who create it give something so great to these kids. I feel lucky to witness and feel nourished by it all. 
Mateo has continued to grow and improve so much. We couldn’t be more grateful for you and the ways this work helps him and us all… 


[My son] told me a couple of weeks ago that because of you he now knows that he can learn to read and that learning is fun! I can’t think of a better testament to show how much you have helped him.

Our son is an amazing, bright, passionate child, but no matter how much we immersed him in communication and language, he was just not speaking clearly or even trying very many words at all. We also noticed that he fell well behind his peers when he played with other children at parks and playgrounds. When he turned four, we decided to get him an evaluation for his speech and language skills, as well as to see if he needed occupational therapy, knowing that we have done our very best with him on our own but now needed outside help.  It was crushing when our fears were confirmed that he has apraxia/dyspraxia, a neurological motor planning disorder. Our first point of contact at Emerge was SLP Kelly, and she was so kind and helpful and eased our worries. We knew right away that we wanted our son to work with her. The very next week he started speech therapy, and Kelly was immediately a life changer. She is so kind and straightforward and brilliant. I love how much she teaches us during his sessions, too. She’s awesome at explaining her process and reason for doing things. Our son made IMMEDIATE improvements within the first week and he just adores Kelly. And now two months later, he’s saying SO many new words and seems so much less fearful in his efforts to talk. He also gets frustrated so much less often because he’s better able to communicate with us. We owe Kelly so much more gratitude than she will ever know.


Both of our sons have received services at Emerge, and we have always been very impressed by the professional, helpful, and knowledgeable staff. They have all been excellent at assessing our children’s needs. Just as importantly, they work hard to make their therapy sessions fun and rewarding, and the children really enjoy them. All of the staff have been wonderful, but we especially appreciate Kelly Jones, who is the best speech therapist we have ever worked with. She has made an amazing difference for our son.





The schools we are currently serving include: Saint Thomas More, The Lerner School, and Triangle Day School


At Saint Thomas More Catholic School, we have enjoyed a professional, beneficial relationship with Emerge, A Child’s Place. Kelly Jones, who works directly with our students, offers speech screenings to every school family at the beginning of the year and is able to provide needed follow-up services. The benefit to the services being provided at school, during the school day is immeasurable. What is measurable is the marked improvement in our students’ speech skills. Additionally, we have called upon Ms. Jones and her colleagues for consultation concerning students and staff development needs for our faculty. It is our hope to continue our work with Emerge in the future. We have truly appreciated their flexibility and superior skills in working with our students, families and faculty.

We can see a difference in Nash’s attitude towards food. He would never try new things before. But now he’s been more open to trying things and demos the feel/listen/smell/taste technique to us sometimes. He tried pizza sauce while making pizza and said he liked it and wanted a bowl of it! He would never even consider eating tomato sauce before.


We have seen so much improvement with our son. Thank you for that. Yesterday we went to a Santa Brunch and he was able to eat from the buffet (he chose bacon, chicken fingers, fresh strawberries, milk). In years past this would have never worked. We would have brought his food or he would have had a huge meltdown. What a difference a few short months has made for him!