About Emerge

For over 20 years, Emerge has been helping families conquer developmental obstacles and foster understanding with customized therapy, skilled clinicians, and a whole lot of fun!


We aim to:

  1. Provide children with customized, engaging, and motivating occupational, speech-language, and physical therapy.
  2. Empower families through education and compassionate wrap-around care.
  3. Build a community of professionals who care for the “whole child” rather than treat a set of symptoms.
Photo of two therapists and a little boy playing with a toy
Photo of a little girl playing with an exercise ball


To see all children in our community live confidently and authentically.

Core Values

As both an employer and a service provider, we hold the following values true. We commit to living and honoring these values in how our staff interacts with one another, with the families we serve, and with the community we live in:

1. Communication

We will aim for clarity, compassion, and precision in our communication. We strive to be active listeners, adaptive in our delivery of a message, and aware of the receiver.

2. Authenticity

We will strive to be genuine in our desire to build relationships and stay true to ourselves.

3. Collaboration

We will strive to be collaborative in order to support each other and the families we serve.

4. Open mindedness

We will strive to be self-directed individuals who pursue our passions while also demonstrating openness to growth in areas that will support our families, our colleagues, and our community.

5. Dependability

We will strive to be reliable and follow through on our commitments and responsibilities.

6. Advocacy 

 We will strive to support the development of self-advocacy in our clients and their families, while also actively advocating for people of all races, gender identities, socioeconomic backgrounds, and abilities. 

Photo of two women chatting at a desk
Headshot of Brittni Winslow

A Note from Brittni

“As a parent to 3 children, one of whom is neurodivergent, I understand how overwhelming seeking help can be. My team and I are deeply committed to both improving the lives of the children that walk through our doors and to empowering you, the caregiver! Consider us your trusty guides to your child’s development. It is with great enthusiasm that I’d like to say: Welcome to Emerge Pediatric Therapy!”