Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook includes all of our clinic policies, financial information, privacy practices, and other helpful information about Emerge. You can download the handbook using the button below!

Updated 03/07/23

Aggression & Client Behavior Policy

updated on 11/10/2022

At Emerge Pediatric Therapy, we are committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for both the families we serve and the staff we employ. We have a ZERO tolerance policy in regards to aggressive behaviors from families, directed towards our staff.

We understand that the last few years have put incredible strain on families across the United States. Caregivers are stretched thin and seeking services can be an additional stressor.

However, Parents/Caregivers/Guardians/Family members of our clients are expected to use calm voices and refrain from using curse words while on the phone, during a virtual session, or when in/outside one of our physical locations.

Please be courteous with the use of your cell phone and other electronic devices. When interacting with any of our staff, please put your devices away. Set the ringer to vibrate before storing away.

Adults are expected to supervise their children when they are not actively in a session with their therapist.

The aggressive behaviors listed below will not be tolerated:*

  • Yelling or using raised voice
  • Using curse words, derogatory language, or racial/cultural/sexual slurs
  • Making threats in any form (verbal, written, text, email, letter, etc.)
  • Physical touch or the insinuation of physical harm
  • Using bullying techniques (intimidation, excessively talking over others, discrediting the observations or clinical reasoning of others)
  • The use of or threat of firearms or other weapons
  • Destruction of the physical property of Emerge Pediatric Therapy

*This list is not an inclusive list and is subject to the interpretation of the staff member

If you engage in behavior deemed to be aggressive, Emerge Pediatric Therapy reserves the right to any of the following:

  • Document aggressive behaviors in session notes or client files
  • End a therapy session early
  • Ask you to leave the building
  • Request that another caregiver bring your child to therapy
  • Discontinue providing therapy and remove your family from our schedules

If you are unable to maintain appropriate behavior and continue to threaten the peace of the clinic, we reserve the right to call the police for support.

If you have any questions about the care or are unhappy with the service received in our office, please let one of our Client Relations Coordinators or Clinical Managers know before leaving the clinic. They can make sure to get your feedback to the appropriate team member and they will be sure to follow up with you if they are unable to do so at the time of your visit. If you are unsure of which staff member to reach out to, you can refer to the Our Team page.

Questions about your billing can be addressed by emailing

Sick Policy

updated on 11/10/2022

Since the onset of the pandemic, Emerge Pediatric Therapy has prioritized the health and safety of our clients by being highly cautious and following enhanced safety protocols. We have followed local health department and CDC guidelines, and at times have been even more conservative to decrease opportunity for exposures.

We want to continue to be a safe space for families, and will continue to do so with some changes that will allow greater flexibility for our staff and families. As of October 31st, we will no longer require universal masking. If you prefer for your therapist to wear a mask in session, you have the right to ask them to do so. We will fully support staff and families in whatever they choose and will not tolerate negativity or aggression towards those who have a preference different from our own.

We will continue to follow our health and wellness policy, which states:

  • Children should be free from fever, vomiting or diarrhea for at least 24 hours prior to their appointment
    • Without the aid of fever reducers (Tylenol, Motrin, etc.)
    • A fever is considered to be at or above 100 degrees
  • Children who are home from school because of an illness should not attend therapy.
  • Please be cautious about highly contagious illness. If your child presents with one of these illnesses, do not bring them to therapy until the risk of transmission has passed. If you are unsure about the risk of transmission window for a particular illness, you can contact us for guidance on rescheduling your appointment
    • Highly contagious illnesses include (but are not limited to): covid, pink eye, head lice, scabies, whooping cough, strep throat, hand-foot-mouth, ringworm, pinworms, and chicken pox.
    • If a family member has any of the above, please call our office to reschedule your child’s appointment
  • If your child is lethargic or unable to participate in daily activities due to an illness, please do not bring them to therapy.
  • If your child develops a fever or falls ill during their appointment, we will end the session early. Please remain available/close by to pick your child up, if needed.
  • If a sibling or other family member is actively sick and/or contagious, we ask that you also refrain from bringing them into the clinic.

We would also like to remind you of our sanitation policies that will stay in place:

  • Updated air filtration system at all clinics
  • Deep sanitizing of any toy or surface coming into contact with a bodily fluid
  • Hand washing and/or use of hand sanitizer prior to going into a treatment session