Infant massage has been used historically and across cultures to promote infant development, caregiver bonding and overall health and wellness. Current research on the benefits of infant massage include: improved sleep, reduced stress for babies and parents/caregiver, improved feeding and weight gain, increased immune system function, reduced excess mucus, relieved teething and growing pains, and promoting achievement of developmental milestones.

In this 5-session program, parents/caregivers will receive direct instruction and hands-on practice in infant massage strokes and the associated benefits. In addition to unlocking the lifelong benefits of infant massage, parents/caregivers will also have the opportunity to participate in discussion and share strategies related to relevant topics, for example: sleep troubles, balance stress as a new parent, time management, play skills, developmental milestones, communication, and overall health and wellness.

The therapist leading this group is certified by the The International Association of Infant Massage, which has been internationally recognized as an excellent tool for families, as classes are baby-led and promotes bonding and secure attachment through tuning into your baby’s cues.

Occupational Therapy

This class includes:

  • Learning specific strokes and gentle movements to use throughout your child’s infancy and later years of development
  • Learning the benefits of infant massage for both the caregivers and infants
  • Supports recognizing and understanding your baby’s cues
  • Connection with other caregivers in group-based classes

Infant massage programs are currently offered in an ongoing, in-person group format, but can certainly be provided virtually or on an individual basis or if you prefer one-on-one instruction!

Current Group Offering: Fridays, 9:00am – 10:00am
Occupational Therapy
You will benefit from our infant massage program if:
  • You are a caregiver to an infant! 
  • You want to learn more about infant development
  • You’d like to connect with other parents and individuals caring for infants
  • You are at-risk for, or experiencing emotional postpartum symptoms
  • You want to learn more about how to cope with new-parent stress
  • The infant you care for spent time in the NICU, or special care nursery
  • You have concerns about your baby’s development
  • You want to strengthen the bond you have with your baby, and improve communication
  • You enjoy learning new ways to play with your baby!
Watch this video on the benefits of infant massage by IAIM certified instructor, Erica Lord