Come join Emerge at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park for a night of fun that the whole family can enjoy!  The Bulls’ stadium is now certified through Kulture City as “sensory inclusive” but on Sensory Suite night you will find some extra supports put in place!  See details below.  We look forward to seeing you there!


*Emerge is not selling tickets to the game. Tickets can be bought through the Bulls website*.

Check out all the fun game day extras!

Sensory "Cool Down" Space

The ballpark can be an overwhelming place!  There are many sights, sounds, and smells.  Crowds, lights, music.  Emerge will be taking over one of the executive suites at the ballpark and providing a safe space to cool down.  We will be bringing some equipment from our clinic, including giant pillows to get a crash or a squeeze in, compression vests, headphones, etc.

*Equipment will remain in the “Cool Down” space and cannot be taken out into the park.  Parents must remain with their children at all times.  We will be monitoring the space to make sure that it does not become over crowded as this defeats the purpose of “cooling down” and we appreciate parents flexibility in advance to help us make sure this is a safe space for all!

Social Story

Help your child prepare for the game by clicking the link below!

Click here for Social Story access

Lower Music Volume

For the Sensory Friendly Night, the Bulls will be lowering the volume on their speakers for music and public announcements.  

Sensory Guide to the Park

The kids have a social story but what about YOU, the parent/caregiver?  Don’t worry, we have ways to help you prepare as well.  A “sensory guide” to the park is being created.  Here you will find information on the best entrances/exits, spots in the park that tend to be less crowded or quieter, where to go if you need help/support, and more!  We will be posting the guide to this page, you will be able to download it prior to the game, or get more information from guest services.