It can be overwhelming to navigate the terrain of parenting. A parent coach can help you navigate the twists and turns of parenting with confidence and clarity. They provide you with practical tools, tailored strategies, and expert advice, designed specifically to meet your family’s unique needs!

Melissa Keinan has 25 years of experience working with parents through their most challenging moments. As a former Special Education Itinerant teacher, she worked one-on-one with families whose children who were diagnosed with various developmental delays, including ASD, ADHD, and Down Syndrome. She is Montessori trained and has provided guidance to student’s parents and caregivers during her many years as a preschool teacher. Her career as a Parent Coach was established on being approachable, knowledgeable, and being able to synthesize concerns while developing effective and successful family plans that benefit everyone in the home!

Occupational Therapy
Common Areas of Focus:
  • Parenting neurodivergent children
  • School concerns & IEP support
  • Emotional regulation skills
  • Sibling and family relationships
  • Home routines (ie- morning, bedtime)
  • Environment set-up (ie- playroom, bedroom)
  • Montessori parenting
  • Toilet training
  • Sleep training
  • Gentle and peaceful parenting
  • Challenging behaviors
Benefits of Coaching:
  • Clear, actionable steps you can implement immediately
  • Reassurance of your positive parenting practice
  • Personalized support with problem-solving & achieving parenting/family goals
  • Useful strategies & scripts to tackle challenging parenting situations
  • Insight into your child’s behavior & how to manage triggering moments
  • Sessions are provided virtually in your home so that support and recommendations offered are easy to digest and apply

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