Occupational Therapist Andrew Klein inside a tunnel swing in the sensory gym

Jude Upchurch, OTA/L

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Part of the Emerge Family since 2023

Jude has experience and training in working with a variety of diagnoses, including:

  • ASD
  • Trisomy-21
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Developmental and intellectual delays
  • ADHD
Occupational Therapist Andrew Klein as a young boy sitting at a table with a workbook

Jude is a recent OTA graduate from Durham Technical Community College, with years of experience serving the autism community as a habilitation technician. As a child, he started his path towards Occupational Therapy by adoring his autistic brother while growing up together in Apex, NC. Jude believes therapy should be lighthearted, fun, and accepting to promote confidence, sense of self, and felt-safety while exploring challenges through play. He enjoys entering our clients’ and families’ worlds, meeting them where they’re at for the day, and gently guiding development with evidence-based interventions. Off the clock, he spends quality time with friends, family, and nature—meditating, exercising, gaming, and surfing YouTube to research client interests or discover a new hobby that provides a surge of life.