Emerge Pediatric Therapy LogoPlay-based infant groups are beneficial for your baby’s development, socialization, parent-child bonding, and parental support. But what makes Emerge’s groups different is the addition of a trained pediatric therapist who can explain the developmental benefits behind these fun activities, provide customized recommendations, and answer any questions that pop up along the way!

Join us at our Carrboro location for a Baby & Me Club with pediatric speech therapist, Erica Lord! The goal for our this group is to create a nurturing space to enrich your child with natural play and exploration, while also giving parents the support to learn and explore alongside their little one. All activities are modified for each family depending on the child’s age and interests.

We will schedule the topics based on families interests and availability. You can register for the entire 10-week session or drop in for only the topics you are interested in! 

This is the outlined curriculum for 10 sessions:
1. Benefits of touch
2. 10 Gestures and nonverbal language
3. Exploring our senses
4. Food exploration
5. Open-ended toys/types of play
6. 10 actions with objects
7. Benefits of crawling/moving and grooving
8. Observing in play – creating a “yes” space
9. Benefits of messy play
10. Building back-and-forth interactions
infant playing with water table
Current Club Offering: Fridays, 9:00am – 10:00am  |  June 16th – August 25th (OFF week of July 4th)
infant playing with water table

The Carrboro clinic is located in the South Green shopping center, with parking available in front and behind the building.

110 Two Hills Dr, Carrboro, NC 27510

*The charges for group sessions will not be submitted to your insurance*


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