Halloween is a fun and exciting holiday, but for kids with sensory differences or SPD, costumes can pose a challenge. Here are a few tips and tricks that may help your child with their Halloween costume this year.

General Tips
  • Check what materials the costume is made out of
    • Soft, stretchy fabrics are usually preferred over scratchy tules
  • Have your child wear their preferred clothing under their costume
  • Remove any tags or scratchy materials from the inside of the costume
  • Avoid costumes with masks or face paint
  • Line plastic helmets or headpieces with fabric to reduce uncomfortable pokes or itchiness
Quick & Easy Halloween Costumes
  • Onesies with your child’s favorite animal or character on it
  • Design an oversized T-shirt at home with their favorite animal or character on it
If you decide to buy a costume…
  • Consider the length and sizing of the costume
    • The “correct size” for your child might be more comfortable one size up
    • If the costume is too long, size down to avoid anything getting in the way of their feet
  • Make sure that your child can get in and out of it easily
    • When kids get irritated, they sometimes like to start shedding their clothing
    • If kids have difficulty getting out of their costume, they may feel trapped, leading to even more irritation
Once you have a costume picked out…
  • Wash it first to eliminate odors and soften the fabric
  • Have your child try on the costume multiple times before the day of Halloween
  • Cut off tight waistbands and sew them back on without the elastic band
  • If your child doesn’t like things touching their neck, velcro a cape to the shoulders of a shirt
  • Consider the weight of the costume
    • If the costume is too light, add a backpack or compression vest to add pressure
  • Consider the weather
    • Consider how many layers they have on under their costume
Additional Sensory Tools
  • Incorporate earmuffs into the costume to minimize noise during trick-or-treating
    • You can always attach animal ears or accessories to the earmuffs!
  • Find costumes that incorporate sensory tools, such as sequins or large buttons
    • Add a tool belt with their favorite fidgets
Check out this video from OT Mackenzie!


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