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Floortime is a developmental approach to supporting children in their emergence into a social world through play, utilizing the power of their relationships with caregivers and therapists, and emphasizing the child’s individual differences as the catalyst for growth and change.  Since the child-caregiver relationship is a key part of Floortime, caregiver coaching can be a powerful therapeutic intervention.

Coaching can occur in the clinical setting or via telehealth.  In this process, the caregiver will be paired with a certified ® practitioner.  Together, they will establish a strong understanding of the child’s developmental capacities, strengths, limitations, and sensory needs.  The therapist will support the caregiver in meeting the child at their developmental level through play, so that these interactions can be most rewarding for both child and caregiver.  Finally, through guided reflection, the caregiver can continue to develop their own Floortime skills and continue to best support their child’s growth and well being at home. 

Occupational Therapy

You may benefit from our Parent Coaching program if…

  • You struggle to engage your child or hold their attention.  
  • Your child pays more attention to objects than people.  
  • Emotional dysregulation is a frequent problem in your household (large bursts of emotion that do not match the size of the problem).
  • You and your child rarely have playful interactions.
  • Your child doesn’t know how to share ideas or solve social problems.

Parents who complete Parent Coaching have reported:

  • Reduced caregiver stress
  • Improved child relationships
  • Increased child engagement and communication
  • Increased child readiness for social and emotional demands of school and other social settings

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Additional Information on DIR/Floortime

Visit the ICDL website to learn more about DIR/Floortime!

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