Do any of these sound like you?
  • “My child was having huge outbursts over small problems.  We couldn’t even play games as a family any more.”
  • “I was tired of struggling with trying to cook a meal that my child would eat.”
  • “I’m a new mother. I have so many questions about my baby and what is “normal” and with everything closed I was looking for a safe, judgment-free, place to get useful information and support.”
  • “Her grandma couldn’t understand her when we Facetimed.  Honestly, sometimes I couldn’t understand my daughter either.”
  • “My son as struggling to read before schools closed.  Now I  am worried he will be even farther behind when he goes back to school in the fall.”
  • “Trying to do homework ended in tears. Every.  Single. Day.”
If any of the reasons above resonated with you, it’s time to consider scheduling an appointment with a therapist at Emerge Pediatric Therapy!  Parenting take a village.  The therapists at Emerge are ready to join your village!  We are taking all of the things our families have always expected and loved (think: loving/knowledgeable therapists, state-of-the art equipment, FUN!) and bring it to Cary, NC!

We are providing Telehealth options to families while also starting to accept in-clinic appointments as well…and with our brand-new therapeutic gym installed by Fun Factory your child will not want to miss the opportunity to grow and play here!

We accept Medicaid and Tricare insurances.  We also provide complimentary filing for all other major medical insurances.


Emerge Pediatric Therapy – Cary is located at 3100 NC-55, Unit 102, Cary, NC 27519
Occupational Therapy Doodle

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy services address sensory processing and integration difficulties, motor coordination and perceptual difficulties to help children develop the foundations they need to successful with the occupations of childhood: school, play and self-help skills.

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Speech Therapy Doodle

Speech Therapy

Speech/language therapy addresses a variety of issues including: language difficulty, poor articulation, autism, augmentative and alternative communication, apraxia of speech, late talking, stuttering, reading and writing difficulties, pragmatic language deficits, and higher-order thinking skills.

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Feeding Therapy

Emerge is proud to be able to offer feeding therapy to families through both occupational and speech therapy.  A child may need feeding therapy for a variety of reasons, including restrictive diets, sensory issues, or oral-motor deficits.  Our clinical directors of occupational and speech therapy can help you decide which type of therapist is best suited for your child and their needs.  Emerge has several staff members trained in the SOS Approach to Feeding.

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Occupational Therapy Doodle

Infant OT

Our occupational therapy services for infants are designed to help support infants (and their families!) reach their early developmental milestones.  Infants may receive occupational therapy at Emerge to address delayed early developmental milestones (such as rolling, sitting upright, or crawling), torticollis, parent/child bond, and more.  Emerge offers a variety of programs for infants including one-on-one sessions, supportive group therapies, infant massage training, and parent workshops.

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Therapeutic Group Programs Doodle

Therapeutic Group Programs

Emerge’s Specialized Group Sessions offer fun and intensive opportunities to address important skills including: social, communication, sensory processing, fine motor, visual motor, handwriting, and coping. We have programs for children ranging from age 3 to 12.

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