Core strength is so important for our daily activities!

Even though we might not think about using our core it is always working! Our core muscles include the abdominals, back extensors and muscles at our hips. The core muscles are active (or should be!) for most activities – walking + running, reaching, keeping us upright, just about any movement we do. It is so important to have a strong core to allow us to do some of our favorite things – like eating! The core muscles keep us upright and keep our spine in alignment so that we can use our arms and legs for movement.

Did you know you can build a strong core without ever doing a single sit up? Check out our list below for ideas!

woman laying on blue mat with young boy doing therapeutic activtities

Here are some ideas for core strengthening:

  1. Seated Marches – Sitting on your bottom with legs bent in front of you –  lift one leg at a time (like you’re marching)
  2. Boat Pose – Sitting on your bottom lift both feet off the ground and try to hold your balance
  3. Tall knees – this is a great play position for kids of all ages (as young as 1!), if your kiddo is able to stay in position on their knees during play at the coffee table try walking forward, backward or sideways in this position for even more strengthening!
  4. Dead Bug – start laying on your back with arms and legs held up, lower 1 arm at a time, then try 1 leg –  if you can try to lower your opposite arm and leg together while keeping your back flat on the ground.
  5. Bridges – start laying on your back with your knees bent, lift your hips and back up off the ground and lower back down slowly. If this feels too easy try holding the “bridge” while marching your feet!
  6. Swimmers – Lay on your belly and alternate lifting opposite arms and legs (like your swimming!) 
  7. Superman – Lay on your belly and lift your arms and legs up together and hold! If this is too difficult for your kiddo try lifting arms only or try swimmers!
  8. Plank – There are so many variations of planks but the place to start is on your elbows and knees, progress to full length (on feet) if those are too easy!
  9. Bird Dog – start on your hands and knees, lift up 1 arm at a time, then try 1 leg – if you can try to lift your opposite arm and leg together! The goal is to make sure your back stays flat throughout, you can put a stuffed animal or small plastic toy on your child’s back to help them remember to stay in position.
  10. Bear Plank – Start on hands and knees and lift your knees off the ground 2-3 inches – HOLD!

If a video is more your style, check out our core strengthening video for a PT led core workout! 



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