Did you know that Emerge currently has FIVE therapists trained in the SOS Approach to Feeding?  We have three speech-language pathologists and two occupational therapists who are now trained in this approach and this winter we will be offering two small groups that target feeding!  Click this link for more information on SOS and click this link to be redirected to our group page.  If you would like to speak with someone directly about concerns related to your child’s eating, please don’t hesitate to contact Brittni Winslow, Clinical Director of Occupational Therapy (brittni@emerge-ch.com), or Kelly Goad, Clinical Director of Speech-Language Pathology (kelly@emerge-ch.com).


Feeding Red Flags 

  • Ongoing poor weight gain, weight loss
  • Ongoing choking, gagging, coughing
  • Ongoing problems with vomiting
  • More than once incident of gastro-nasal reflux
  • History of traumatic choking incident
  • History of eating+breathing problems (ongoing respiratory problems)
  • Inability to transition to baby food purees by 10 months
  • Inability to accept any table food solids by 12 months
  • Inability to transition to cup by 16 months
  • Inability to wean off most/all baby foods by 16 months
  • Avoidance of all foods specific in texture/food group
  • Food range < 20 foods
  • Infant that arches back and cries during most meals
  • Family conflict about feeding/meal times/food
  • Parent report child is difficult for anyone to feed
  • Family history of eating disorder combined with child with poor weight gain


If your child is experiencing one or more of these things, consider calling or emailing us.