Today  we held our first (annual?) Holiday Escape for 12 children at the Emerge Chapel Hill office.  A big hit was the mushroom house created by inverting the Jumpolean over a barrel.  Children gathered underneath for tea parties, birthday celebrations and other pretend games with Katie or Elizabeth ( two of our speech pathologists).










The morning started with Alicia (OT), Michelle (yoga and client coordinator), and Elizabeth leading gross motor activities in the gym, while Bonnie and Katie led arts and crafts making New Years Decorations.  Everyone helped in preparing lunch which included pizza, chicken nuggets, fruit salad, and carrots. 

Courtney (OT) also joined us after lunch.


Four hoppity balls were kept busy zipping up and down the hall.










Jumping off the loft was a BIG favorite.









As was crawling over our giant crash pillows. 










Thanks to everyone for making the day such a big success. 
We will be sending  the ARCs of Durham and Orange counties each $200 from the fees for Holiday Escape.