I have been wanting to share this website Let's Explore for sometime, so when it popped again in a post in my Google Reader, I decided it was time to pass it along.  I love so many of the fine and visual motor materials offered by Let's Explore.  Their wide variety of large stampers and rubbing plates offer successful art experiences, for those children that may be reluctant to engage.  Dino_rubbingplates

Have your child use them as a basis for a picture and then add more details with crayons or markers.  They also carry crayon rocks which we frequently use at Emerge to encourage a mature pencil grip.  Other items helpful for developing a mature Paintbellows1_th
pencil grip include a wide variety of 'zoo stick (also farm and sea) chopsticks' and paint bellows (good for developing thumb opposition).  If you are not sure, check with your child's therapist to see if any of these items might be helpful for your child.

For language development and pretend play, Let's Explore offers a wide variety of Sticker Play Scenes.  Emerge speech therapists often use these in therapy.  Match the theme to your child's interests.  They are also great to take along when traveling or when a child must entertain themselves for a period of time.                       Ps_space