Interactive Metronome (IM) is an assessment and treatment tool used to improve motor control and coordination, sensory processing concerns, cognitive processing, and attention and focus. Children with speech and language delays and/or other various physical difficulties can also benefit from  IM. It has also been reported that IM training provides a boost to overall confidence. This therapy tool improves integration in the brain, resulting in greater neural timing, also known as, our internal clock.

During an IM Session, children view a game-like interface on a computer screen while listening to an adaptive beat via headphones. Children attempt to match the beat through tapping or clapping motions using sensors on the hands or at the feet. Children receive real-time feedback regarding the accuracy of their timing and motor coordination via changing tones and/or images on a monitor. By practicing these skills using the progressive and scalable program, children can calibrate the neural mechanisms that control mental timing and processing speed.

Interactive Metronome is a structured, goal-oriented program that can be beneficial on its own, or as a supplement to occupational therapy and/or speech therapy. Emerge – A Child’s Place currently offers opportunities for intensive IM training, provided by a certified IM Technician. It is recommended  that IM be performed 3 times per week, for a minimum of 30 minute sessions. This intensive training is engaging, featuring opportunities for exercises to be customized and modified, to meet the needs of the client.

IM is an evidenced based method of assessment and treatment. Numerous articles, case studies, and research has been published in support of IM and its positive impact on both children and adult populations.

-In 2012 a study titled, Reading Intervention Using Interactive Metronome in Children with Language and Reading Impairment: A Preliminary Investigation, concluded that with 4 hours of IM training, larger gains were made in most areas of reading skills.

-In 2011, a study title, Effects of Motor Sequence Training on Attentional Performance in ADHD Children, examined the effects of IM training on children with motor coordination challenges among the ADHD population. Results indicated significant effects on improving focus of children with ADHD.

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