1. Have the children practice the components of writing, specifically circles, horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines.
  2. Practice strokes in different mediums to provide sensory feedback, eg tracing on a sand or salt tray or in foam soap.
  3. Demonstrated how the letter or number is made.
  4. Have the children practice drawing it large in the air using whole arm movements.
  5. Make rainbow letters – write the letter in yellow, 4-6” high and then have the child trace the letter with five different marker colors. Place a star where the letter is to start.
  6. Provide hand over hand assistance as needed so that letters are formed correctly.
  7. When moving to writing on paper with pencil, provide yellow boxes as boundaries for the children to write letters within.
  8. Group and teach letters/numbers that have similar characteristics.
  9. Allow children to demonstrate knowledge in other ways besides writing, eg instead of counting and writing the number, they could count and stamp the correct number, or circle the answer, or place a number sticker for the answer.