Occupational Therapy

The occupational therapists at Emerge carefully assess each child’s sensory processing, motor coordination, social and self-regulation skills. Therapy is designed to help children adapt to and be successful in the ‘occupations of childhood: school, play and self-help skills. Emerge’s child-centered approach is designed to give each child the “just-right” challenge to facilitate developmental and/or behavioral change and promote positive self-esteem.

Speech and Language Therapy

Our child-centered speech/language program focuses on helping children communicate more effectively. Our therapists address a range of issues for infants through adolescents such as late talking, delayed/disordered communication skills related to autism, pragmatic language deficits, articulation delays or disorders, oral and written expressive language delays, feeding disorders, reading comprehension difficulties, and stuttering. Therapy centers on improving the child’s ability to comprehend others and express himself or herself in order to decrease communicative frustration. Emerge’s speech/language pathologists work closely with families to create effective home programs to reinforce communication skills learned during therapy.

Interactive Metronome

Interactive Metronome is a research-based program that can augment both speech and/or occupational therapy, or serve as a unique stand-alone therapy option for families. IM provides an individualized treatment approach that works on the body and mind simultaneously. It helps address physical and cognitive abilities and improve critical skills that underlie all of our human capabilities (i.e., speech, language, attention, memory/learning, reading, motor skills, self-control, etc).

Group & Summer Programs

Our group programs are an opportunity for children to receive a more intensive therapy experience, in a small group setting, for less cost. Emerge’s summer programs allow children to have a summer “camp” experience while addressing important skills including: social, communication, sensory processing, fine motor, visual motor, handwriting, and coping. Summer therapy sessions can also be submitted to insurance companies for reimbursement!

Custom Programs

We also offer customized programs to help your child to develop the skills necessary for greater independence in life.