Summer offers numerous opportunities for you to support your child’s progress in occupational and/or speech therapy.  (Vacations and travel can also be challenging – see earlier posts: Summer Travel).

WATER PLAY:  Enjoy water play with your child.  And while a trip to the beach or pool is great, lots of water play can happen in your own yard.  Set up a small pool, sprinkler, tub, etc.  Add water toys.  If your child is hesitant, start slowly with a small container of water.

  • Try foam soap for tactile input.
  • Water squirters to encourage finger strength (esp. small squeeze ones).
  • Encourage pouring, stirring.
  • Add shells or rocks to gather from the bottom.  Try picking them up with tongs or zoo sticks.  Talk about their shape and color.  Sort them into different categories.  Put them into an egg carton.
  • Add large paint brushes and ‘paint with water’ on driveway or house.
  • Look for local playgrounds that have a water feature (eg:  Forest Hills Park has an impressive sprinkler area and a faucet in the sand area – hint:  if you smash sand around the button it will stay)
  • Add boats or foam trays.  Try other things – What floats and what doesn’t.
  • Sponges are great for developing hand strength.